Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Help Sail America Share the Beauty of the Sailing Lifestyle

KYS Intro:  We've been saying for a long time how in order to get people to catch the sailing 'bug' they have to visualize how much fun being on the water is actually all about. So here is your chance.   The submission details are included below.   Let's have Lake Michigan be well represented having fun SAILING!


Help Sail America Share the Beauty of the Sailing Lifestyle!

Share your sailing photos and help Sail America twice! The Association is seeking photos to develop the groundbreaking new website and to increase sailing representation on Both sites are looking for images that depict the sailing lifestyle; we encourage you to submit your favorite photos for consideration. Help us work toward our mission of promoting the sailing industry and share some of your favorite sailing day shots.

What we need:

We are looking to put faces to the experience of sailing. We need photos of people out enjoying the water. Please no “running shots” of boats standing alone. We need action shots of happy and smiling faces. For example, we would prefer a shot of a father and daughter trimming a sail to a long-range shot of a boat in the distance.


Please send us the largest file size possible at the highest resolution available—preferably at least 300dpi—to provide us the most flexible end use. We can accept images via our ftp site, via CD to our mailing address, via file transfer service such as (send to Stephanie Grove’s attention), or we can pull them from an ftp site of your choice. We would ask that any images you send our way be royalty free (or at least not rights managed).

For general questions or information about how to use any of the methods for transmitting images above please contact Stephanie Grove at 401-289-2540 or

Please acknowledge that any images you send in your response will be considered approved for public use by Sail America and its affiliates and may be published over the Internet. You will be asked to complete a photo release form by the Association before your images will be used.

Thank you,

Sail America Team
50 Water Street
Warren, RI 02885

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