Thursday, January 17, 2013

It is never too soon to create your next memory on a sailboat!

It is never too late to create your next memory on a sailboat!
By Lou Sandoval
Photo Credit: Bill Springer- Bill Springer's Boat Blog
It might have been the rainstorm in the horizon or the intent stare and look of comfort on the face of the little baby in his father's arms- or perhaps the title was a grabber: "Sailing with a wickedly cute 6 month old baby in the BVI".  Regardless, It made me think back to when our two daughters were younger and their first time on the boat.  Four months for one and six-months for the other is when we captured their first few memories on our boat.    Mind you - our backdrop was the great skyline of the city of Chicago and not the always beautiful BVIs.  The impact is the same- get them started early
Numerous impact studies have shown that exposing your children to as many experiences early in their life improves their development and may provide a hobby or (gasp... ) a profession down the line.   You just never know.  The captivating part of these photos is that it took me back to our girls first experience on-the water.
We often hear from clients how their young families challenge them to balance it all.  My wife and I can relate: family, careers, school commitments, kid's activities.  It can be much.  What we have found is that in the end it comes down to making the family moments count.  My wife and I both lead brisk schedules that can consume us during the week.  We push back hard on outside commitments that pull us away from the quality time with the girls.  We've found that the boat becomes a bit of a safe haven for that.   Go down to the boat, turn the phones off- cast off the dock lines and away we go.
I fully recognize that our girls have the benefit of growing up in the sport, but I'm sensitive to the fact that is not the case for many children as boating still has many preconceptions to overcome.  Much maligned as strictly held for the 'wealthy'- boating serves the communal human nature that we all possess.   Think of it this way- why do people go 'away' on vacation?  Why do people purchase a summer cottage to get 'out of town'?   Both of these 'vehicles', the vacation and the cottage are ways to commune together.  Creating memories one adventure at a time.  Although the trip is not far... it serves to recharge you and at least spend some time catching up with those you love the most.   Experiences you will treasure for years to come. 
So next time I see someone wearing one of those hideous B.O.A.T shirts - It will bring a smile to my face because for me B.O.A.T means: "Bringing on another treasure".
Lou Sandoval is the co-Owner/Co-Founder of Karma Yacht Sales, LLC the Lake Michigan Sailboat dealer representing Beneteau.  He was first exposed to sailing through Scouting in Whitehall, MI at Owassippe Scout Reservation.  Many years later after a successful career in the medical/biopharmaceutical industry, he and his business partner founded Karma Yacht Sales and purchased the existing Beneteau dealership.  KYS has been serving Lake Michigan since 2002 and has been the recipient of numerous awards for customer service and sales.   Lou is married. He and his wife Sonia have two young daughters  and relish the opportunities to  share Chicago's best unhidden secret with them - our lakefront.

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