Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DOCK & GO- It is a 'relationship saver"

A Humorous Take (with subtitles) of the drama that may ensue when pulling a boat into a slip.   Advantage Beneteau - Setting the trajectory for Sailboat design , function and performance.

Dock & Go will be available on Beneteau models very soon.  Call us to find out more

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

CRUISING WORLD: Beneteau First 35: Next Generation Racer/cruiser

Photo Courtesy of Beneteau Don't be fooled by the large wheel, open transom, and North 3DL sails. The First 35 is as able a cruiser as it is a racer.

Beneteau First 35: Next Generation Racer/Cruiser

This boat is as ready as any cruiser to deliver a comfortable cruise. A review from our August 2010 issue

Jul 28, 2010
By Bill Springer

The Beneteau First 35 evolved logically from its predecessor, the First 36.7, and as you might've guessed, it's cut from the same cloth as the First 40. All three boats are designed and built to provide superior performance, comfortable accommodations, and to be raced (either handicapped or as a one-design). Like the 40, the 35 is part of the next generation of Beneteau's performance-oriented First line, and I put it through its paces on a recent press trip in ideal test conditions: flat water and 14 knots of breeze.

When I took the helm, the large wheel returned silky-smooth feedback, the seating was comfortable, visibility was excellent, and the boat tracked like a train. The boat carried speed through the tacks nicely and accelerated like a raceboat. Trimming the 108-percent blade jib was a snap. We tacked through 75 degrees and boat speed hovered in the 6.5- to 7-knot range. I wasn't really surprised by this kind of performance, since our test boat was equipped with the optional carbon-fiber mast (the standard rig is aluminum), North 3DL sails, and a deep bulb keel. The cool thing I found during our test sail was that the boat strikes the delicate balance of providing much-better-than-your-average-cruising-boat performance without being as twitchy as a full-bore raceboat.

Then we set the symmetric spinnaker. Yes, it's a raceboat sail, and it took a bit more coordination and line pulling to get flying than if we'd simply tacked a cruising spinnaker in a sock onto the bow, but it wasn't that hard to set, and we took off like a rocket. Our wake sizzled from the stern as we headed for home on a broad reach. Boat speed jumped to the 8-knot range, and the helm was just as responsive as it was on the upwind legs. My only complaint was that the mouth of the harbor came up pretty quick. I could've happily cruised for a couple of more hours or, better yet, a whole weekend before returning to the marina.

We carried the sails as long as we could before firing up the engine well inside the harbor. The easily driven hull motored at about 7 knots, and engine noise was noticeable without being intrusive. Maneuvering under power was predictable, and backing into our tight slip was easy.

It's appropriate that we went sailing before I had a chance to check out the accommodations. It was by no means spartan down below, but the fact is, there's only so much interior volume to play with in a 35-foot, performance-oriented hull. That said, it has all the elements—forward-facing nav station, small galley and head, good-size saloon, and two private cabins—that you'll want on a coastal cruise.

The light-colored varnished woodwork is both warm and modern. Two large opening hatches and several opening ports provide good light and ventilation. The saloon seats are comfortable and long enough to be good sea berths. There's room for six around the settee table. It's also cleverly hinged so it can easily pivot up for dinner and down to be out of the way on race day. Both cabins have small hanging lockers, and like many boats in this size range, the berth in the forward cabin is a bit tight at the feet but has better headroom than the aft berth, which is bigger but situated under the cockpit.

The First 35 is a worthy addition to Beneteau's First range that has big sisters in the 50- and 45-foot size, as well. It's simultaneously forgiving and rewarding to sail, the interior is both stylish and functional, and it does what it's designed to do; it's well suited to both cruising and racing.

Bill Springer

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Beneteau first 35

LOA 35' 7" (10.85 m.)

LWL 35' 0" (10.67 m.)

Beam 12' 0" (3.66 m.)

Draft (deep/shoal) 7' 3"/5' 11" (2.21/1.80 m.)

Sail Area (100%) 670 sq. ft. ( 62.25 sq. m)

Ballast (dp./shoal) 3,682/4,431 lb. (1,670/2,010 kg.)

Displacement 12,125 lb. (5,500 kg.)

Ballast/D (deep) .37

D/L (std.) 126

SA/D (100%) 20.3

Water 53 gal. (201 l.)

Fuel 20 gal. (76 l.)

Holding 20 gal. (76 l.)

Mast Height 56' 7" (17.26 m.)

Engine 29-hp. Yanmar

Designer Farr Yacht Design

Beneteau USA

(843) 629-5300

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Beneteau First 36.7 is the perfect boat to help you stay fit and in shape.

SAIL Magazine recently featured articles (Fitness at Sea) on using your sailboat to stay fit.    The boat that was used: a First 36.7. Yet another reason to join the largest growing fleet on Lake Michigan.

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Picture of the Week: "Fish Eye View" First 45

Bombardino -First 45 in Rolex Middle Sea Race -Malta Photo Credit: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

Here's looking at you!  Who says fish don't have their eye on sailboats when they glide through their watery homefronts.  Interesting vantage point of this First 45 taken from the water. 

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beneteau USA Receives CSI Award: Only Sailboat Manufacturer in the World to Win the Award

For Immediate Release

September 1, 2010
Contact: Erika Gay
Marketing Manager, Beneteau USA, INC.



MARION, SC, SEPTEMBER 1, 2010: The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) announced yesterday that Beneteau USA was a recipient of the 2010 Marine Industry CSI Awards. This award marks the fourth consecutive year that Beneteau USA has secured this honor.

Award recipients will be acknowledged during the 2010 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), taking place September 28th in Louisville, Ky.

The Marine Industry CSI Awards program honors participating manufacturers that actively measure customer satisfaction and pursue continuous improvement to better serve the customer. Award recipients achieved and maintained an independently-measured standard of excellence of 90 percent or higher in customer satisfaction over the past year, based on information provided by customers purchasing a new boat or engine during the period between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010. Participating manufacturers are required to survey all new boat buyers during this period.

“It’s important to be able to recognize boat and engine manufacturers that have maintained a focus on customer satisfaction as it’s the cornerstone of our industry’s future,” notes Terry Leitz, NMMA’s director of CSI programs. “CSI Award recipients make a commitment to improve the customer experience thereby reinforcing not only their own reputation for quality but for the industry as a whole.”

“Consistently surveying our customers to measure their satisfaction levels has been a strategic commitment of ours for years. The objective of participating in the NMMA program has always been to use this valuable information to drive ourselves towards ever higher levels of quality while exceeding the expectations of the owners of the beautiful floating dreams our Beneteau team in Marion creates.” said Wayne Burdick, President. "We are so proud to learn that Beneteau USA is the only sailboat manufacturer in the world to receive the NMMA 2010 Marine Industry CSI Award."

Beneteau USA, the American division of the world’s largest sailboat manufacturer, builds hundreds of 31-50 foot production sailboats in Marion, SC and imports sailing and power yachts up to 58 feet in length from its parent company in France.

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