Monday, October 24, 2016

Listing your boat and Selling your Boat- There IS a difference.

By KYS Editor

"List for show, broker for dough".  

We have been very busy most of the Summer Season reviewing client's boats, doing boat evaluations and walk-through of some of Lake Michigan's most desirable boats. As the season comes to a close, we thought there is no more perfect time than the present to make the distinction between listing your boat and Selling your boat.    

We take a full consultative approach in our brokerage listing process.  It starts with the first phone call in to us when you have made your mind up to part with your boat.  We understand that it can often be a bit of an emotional hurdle to overcome as a boat becomes a part of the family.  There are many family memories on board a boat, so we do a fair amount of listening to identify the timing and just what will be sold with the boat.  We take a few facts down about the boat and usually follow the call up with a visit of the vessel to procure an accurate inventory of the equipment and systems on board.   We serve as your adviser in the process to help you navigate the staging of the boat to ensure those first impressions of your floating dream are positive with prospective buyers.   

Next comes the comparative process where we access the Multiple listing service (MLS) for boats and two other proprietary evaluation programs to identify a 60-90-120+ day marketing plan for your boat.   We hone in in the right price to attract the buyers and encourage offers.  We consult with you on what features or changes can be made to the boat to enhance the value.  Fully understanding that the goal is to sell her, we keep the client in mind when making these recommendations.   

Once we have identified an asking price, we visit the boat again, stage her and take photos for the MLS listing page.   

Once the information has been verified, she is officially on the market and we start the promotion of the boat via active e-marketing and announcements to other brokers.  

As members of the Yacht Broker's Association of America, we work professionally with other YBAA brokers around the country to find a buyer for your boat.   We also have a proprietary database of over 3800 clients and sailors that we promote your boat with.   Doing business with a YBAA broker means that you can be assured one of the highest levels of professionalism and ethics in the industry.  As a buyer, working with a YBAA broker means that you will be fairly dealt with using legally reviewed purchase /sale agreements that protect both BUYER and SELLER.  

So while our list might not be as long as other 'brokers' we work hard for everyone of our clients to ensure satisfaction in the listing process.   We also don't use our listing to sell late model new boats.  This is especially important with some of the most popular brands on the water.   So give us a call today and let's get your boat listed.   FALL is the perfect time to place your boat on the market! 

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