Friday, November 19, 2010

Project 2015:A Vision for Sailing's Future in Chicago?

We ran accross this video and choose to share with everyone because it clearly speaks to what the community sailing approach can be like in our city by the big lake- Chicago.

Having both grown up in a neighborhood where sailing wasn't as common, we both came into the sport later in life.  Many our age from other areas of Chicago have grown up in sport.  This is something our children are the benficiaries of today.  Our exposure at different timepoints in our lives led to the possibility that the lifestyle of sailing has moved beyond a passion into a way of life and business for us.   It is our vision to change this dynamic so more children and adults can have access to the water.

We both share a common goal that this access to the water not be limited to those who own boats, but anyone who shares the curiousity and is willing to put forth the time to learn and explore.   In the end, sailing is just that - a journey- an adventure.  No to sailing trips are the same and each one teaches you something new.   We hope that someday soon - what we feel is our great city's best assett- Lake Michigan be accessible to all who choose to venture out.

So the skeptic might say that since we are in the sailing business we look to benefit from this financially, however our intentions are more basic than that- to impact a dynamic that we see developing in Chicago- using sailing as a platform to empower the youth of our city to dream, to set goals and accomplish them.  To have youth realize that they can do what ever they put their minds to.  Today it might be overcoming a fear of being on a boat- tommorrow it might be sailing competitively at a top university while completing a degree.  Nothing ventured- nothing gained right?

This video clearly depicts the center of activity that defines a community sailing center.  In Boston, one is able to walk up , transact and have access to the Charles River.  If Boston can do it on the Charles, why can't we do the same on Lake Michigan.

That is our vision- to share the lifestyle of sailing with as broad range of citizens of the City of Chicago and beyond.

It truly is our City's best unkept secret!

Enjoy the video

Lou Sandoval & Jack Buoscio
Co-Owners and Co-Founders
Karma Yacht Sales, LLC

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