Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MAC Safety Equipment Servicing Reminder

We are officially well inside the 90 day mark for the annual Race to Mackinac.  How are you doing on your provisioning planning?   Realistically speaking, it means that many MAC racers are just now starting to dust off their checklists of 'to-do' items for the race.  We see a pattern each year where many racers leave alot of their long lead time items until the last minute.  We get the frantic rush calls which usually result in extra rush shipping charges and bad news when sailors procrastinate a bit too much.

In an effort to help keep many of you ahead of that curve, we decided to get this note out with some key contacts that you can turn to and get the longer lead time items addressed.

1. MOM-8 Man-Overboard Units:   Your expiration date is located on the side of the unit (on a sticker) or it is printed on your certification paperwork.   If you need to have your MOM-8 unit serviced you can reach out to:

Total Marine Safety  10038 S. Ewing Ave. Chicago, IL 60617  (773) 731-5926
Contacts: Robert Hanson or Jack Nelson  parkersales@g-lakes.com  Open M-F 8am-4pm.
Lead time for Servicing: ~10-12 Business days  Cost: ~ $160.00 for base check, rearm/repack and RT frieght.

Total Marine Safety has the proper hazmat shipping permit to ship your unit via FEDEX to the service center to get repacked and recertified.  Feel free to reach out to them directly.

Additional Services: They also service Zodiac, Revere, DSB, DBC, Surviva life rafts. Lead times vary by manufacturer.

2. Life Rafts:  Limited to Certifications by official approved safety recert centers.

Winslow Life Raft: You can request  recertification by visiting:  Winslow Life Rafts online or

WINSLOW Liferaft Company
11700 Winslow Drive
Lake Suzy FL 34269
941-613-6666  941-613-6677

Zodiac of North America
540 Thompson Creek RoadACR Electronics, Inc.
P O Box 400
Stevensville MD 21666-0400
410-643-4141 or 410-643-4491


5757 Ravenswood Road
Fort Lauderdale FL 33312-6645
954-981-3333   800-432-0227   954-983-5087

Remember a little bit of advance planning goes a long way.  Make the call today and stay ahead of things.

For More Information Ask Karma Yacht Sales by email  or call 1-877-KARMA-Y-S (527-6297)
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