Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We've found "The Most Interesting Man in the World" ...aboard a Beneteau, of course.

The Dos Equis XX beer commercials that you have probably seen over the past year include a man known simply as "The most interesting man in the world".

The ladies find him to be irresistible, he is adept at just about anything, yet he remains quite cool, calculated, and mysterious.

He is also a Beneteau owner.

Although those preceding adjectives describe most, if not all male Beneteau owners :) , we found that our ranks also contain this most interesting man. A man who has chosen a Beneteau 473 as his primary residence in a southern California Harbor; it appears that he is truly living the dream. Below are two Dos Equis commercials that feature him; directly above is a print ad from the campaign.

For all of us Beneteau enthusiasts, now that we've got the most interesting man title wrapped up, let's go for the people who are having the most fun in the world title as our next conquest.

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