Friday, November 20, 2009

Buying a Sailboat in the FALL?

With the changing of the leaves comes the plan for next season's sailing

OK, it’s getting cold, snow and the holidays are on the way, sailing season is an eternity away, and the water is going to be hard soon. Time to curl up in front of the fireplace and watch the Bears in the Super Bowl - wait - that was long ago, wasn’t it? Anyway, it’s winter in Chicago, and sailing is out of sight and mind for now (as is an appearance by the Bears in the Super Bowl this year).

So who in their right mind wants to think about buying a new boat in November or December? Anyone who is seriously looking for a great deal on a new Beneteau and wants to ensure that they will have a new boat in time for spring is who. This is an ideal time to be picking colors and options for your new Beneteau, and is so for several reasons.

It is no secret that the boat business has been a bit slower than normal this year because of that little bump in the economy. Because of decreased demand for new boats, manufacturers have adjusted production schedules to keep inventory levels manageable and to keep fresh product in the marketplace, which is a good thing for consumers. The other side of that coin which comes into play for 2010 new boat buyers is that availability could become an issue. If the decision to buy is put off until next spring, you might find yourself waiting till after the sailing season is off and running. Fewer boats coming out of the Beneteau factory in Marion, SC means that there is a need to plan more in advance if you are planning to take delivery of a new Beneteau next spring. While it used to be common to order a new boat before March and have it delivered by May, that may not work this year. Depending on the model, an early order will give you peace of mind throughout the winter with the knowledge and assurance that your new Beneteau will be ready to sail when you are.

There are also financial considerations as well as timing issues that make buying now a wise decision. In years past Beneteau offered substantial incentives to buy at boat shows. Their boat show specials usually consisted of electronics packages that were included at no charge if a boat was purchased during a boat show. These packages were worth several thousand dollars and made it very worthwhile to order a boat at the boat shows. This year, however, Beneteau has made the decision that the boat show specials will not be offered.

So Karma Yacht Sales has put together several comprehensive incentive packages that give you reasons to order a boat BEFORE the boat show. These packages are designed to give new boat buyers a choice of things like electronics, dodgers and biminis, or even cash at closing - up to $15,000!!

To learn more about the "Karma Yacht Sales Pick Your Pack~ Pre-Show Promotion" and how you can take advantage of this limited time offer, go to our web site - Pick Your Pack
 or call us at 773-254-0200 for details

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