Friday, May 15, 2009

DuSable HarborHouse Opens.... Finally

DuSable's New 'Green' Harbor House

The Construction started last year on the crosswalk bike path between DuSable Harbor Parking Lot and the 'compass walkway' rendering the area unuseable for most of the 2008 season. It was the first sign of hope that Westrec and the Chicago Park District might actually be following through on it's promise of a permanent structure. However, in a city who's unofficial motto is "Wait until next year", DuSable boaters have been doing just that since the harbor opened almost nine years ago. So to kick off the 2009 boating season (several of thousands of dollars in slip fee increases later) we welcome the new permanent structure.

DuSable Harbor was opened in 2000 originally as "Millenium Harbor" and later named DuSable after Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable , the Haitian settler billed as the "Father of Chicago". Located at Randolph and Lake Shore Drive, DuSable Harbor is home to 420 boats ranging from 25 foot in length to over 60 feet, DuSable is the last new harbor to be built in the largest municipal marina system in the United States.

Billed a 'green construction' the new harbor house also incorporates a bike path cross over bridge which alleviates the common problem of bikers hitting pedestrians in the crosswalk. A nice grassy knoll serves as the roof to the structure. It makes a great vantage point to watch Wednesday night fireworks for all who walk, roll or sail to DuSable.

If you are in the area, come by and visit...

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