Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Karma Yacht Sales is in All the Right Places

Holding true to our belief of not upholding the status quo, Karma Yacht Sales launched their Facebook page and Twitter link today. As the value of social networking continues to evolve, Karma Yacht Sales continues to lead in new innovative ways to help the sailing community in the Lake Michigan region and the Chicago area. Our goal is to continue to bring value to our customers through many of the Web 2.0 features available today. In doing so, we will continue to differentiate Karma Yacht Sales from the competition and help keep the Lake Michigan Sailing community informed.

One of the challenges in growing the sport of sailing is accessing emerging markets. It is our opinion that there is a huge disconnect in the sport. As leaders in the industry, we are doing our part to help include the up and coming generation(s) into the sport of sailing. Social networking, along with our webblog (a.k.a blog) are ways in which we continue to lead the market.

Our Facebook and Twitter links allow our many 'customers on the go' and active sailing afficionados the opportunity to keep up to date on what is happening in the sport. Feel free to click on the links at the bottom of this blog posting to 'become a fan' of KYS on Facebook (requires you to sign up for free) or 'to follow KYS' on Twitter. Many sailors have the ability to follow the social networking sites via smart phones which have become de riguer. Our blog also has links in the right margin where you can sign up for Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or keep yourself informed via our e-newsletter.

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to keep in touch with your contacts by a process called 'friending'. Twitter is a microblogging service that allows users to keep themselves informed through updates (a.k.a 'tweets').

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