Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update on proposed HB0451

February 25, 2009

As I write this update, I am completing my final preparations on the talking points for the Illinois State Legislature- Revenue and Finance Committee hearing tommorrow in Springfield, IL. I will be part of a three person team that will be testifying on behalf of the marine industry in Illinois and the long-term effects of the proposed bill (HB0451) that will impose a 'luxury tax' on cars, retail goods and boats. I will be joined by a representative from the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Springbrook Marina ( a 30 y.o) family based power boat dealer from Seneca, IL.

We have received letters of support from neighboring states and from boat owners as far away as Washington and Florida. Our press release was picked up by Scuttlebutt News and the industry trade magazine Soundings Trade Only. The support has been overwhelming to say the least. Sailors and boaters from around the country have asked how they can get involved to make a difference. It appears to be an indicator on behalf of the taxpayers in our country that imposing legislation that negatively impacts businesses and places frivelous taxes on consumers will not be tolerated.

Support has come from all avenues of the boating community. The most resounding statements have come from sailors who are also small business owners themselves. They have seen first hand the impacts of continued taxation. The impact on businesses that are struggling to survive in tough economic times, while the legislative bills continue to tug at mythical tax revenues that never materialize nor have the intended impact- closing budget gaps produced by government waste and unnecessary spending.

We will report tommorrow as to the status of the bill. In the mean time, continue to write your state representatives. To type in your zip code and find your rep's info Click Here