Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strictly Sail Boat Show Video

The Strictly Sail Boat Show happens every January here in Chicago. It is a four day event held at Navy Pier, and it features everything that is sailing, from boats to gear to sails to seminars. If you have ever attended the show, I am not telling you anything new to suggest that it is an awesome way to spend a freezing cold, snowy day in Chicago. Walking into the brightly-lit Great Hall at Navy Pier instantly transports you to summer, for a few hours anyway.

One of the fascinating things about the show is the fact that it becomes something like the lake, which looms just outside, as it is filled with big and small sailboats and dinghys with masts aloft and sails hanked on. On second thought, it is even better than the lake, as there are no power boats, jet skis, or Sea Dogs anywhere in sight.

I have co-ordinated the display setup for Beneteau and our company, Karma Yacht Sales, at the Strictly Sail show for the past eight years and have frequently been asked 'How do you get all this stuff in here'? I took the time a couple years ago to take pictures during much of the process and always meant to put it to music to share the week-long process with our customers, friends, and any other sailing enthusiasts.

Here it is, just click on the yellow-lettered title above. Hopefully this helps to show how it all happens. The set-up for our display takes about two-hundred man-hours, lots of $$$, nerves of steel (to see $300,000 hanging 20 ft. off the ground), good insurance, and a lot of co-ordinated planning. Keep in mind, this is one display. Similar activity is going on simultaneously in the other displays all around the hall. But, if summer isn't here yet outside the hall, we'll bring it to you inside the hall. Hope you enjoy.