Friday, November 14, 2008

The Smart Shoppers are Buying. Want to know why?

With no real 'safe' investments on Wall Street, have you ever considered looking to the water for a place to put some money?

It is an interesting indicator of our current times, but it is an idea to consider: the ability to have it all while still regaining some stability with regards to your assets. Look out at Lake Michigan. It is now empty for the winter, but when it was full of boats, the dock that held a new Beneteau sailboat was a much safer investment than any that you would find on Wall Street today. Beneteau sailboats have fared extremely well in the realm of what few things can be considered good investments these days.

Here are the numbers: a Beneteau sailboat is holding its value so well that after five years of ownership, it is still worth an average of 92% of its original value, a depreciation rate of just 1.6% per year*. That value has recently become even greater with the introduction of Beneteau's own Stimulus package of price incentives, electronics, and options offered in the price.

Sure, full disclosure is that we are a dealer selling a product. But currently, this product has proven to be one of the safer, more tangible investments you can make; one that also promises to pay dividends and rewards in ways that cannot be easily measured. Sailing is truly a lifestyle. For many, it is not just a hobby, it is as important an activity as one's exercise and, similar to exercise it will reduce stress, increase mental health, and also keep you fit.

As bad as it has seemed this fall, the world is not going to end. In addition, we Americans are not going to stop appreciating quality time with family and friends, or the ability to get away once in awhile. Being on the water-sailing-has long been the most sought-after summer activity for those who know how revitalizing it can be. A Beneteau sailboat is now a genuine, sensible solution for the question: where can I safely invest my money? Now more than ever, you can get a lot of Beneteau for your money while having confidence that it will not disappear off some balance sheet or financial statement.

*Information based on Fresh-water, Lake Michigan-sailed boats.