Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Family that Sails together... Back to the Mac- Beneteau Horizons

The following Story - Back to the Mack- ran in the July 2013 Issue of Beneteau Horizons.

Back to the Mack

With the start of the Chicago Yacht Club's 105th Race To Mackinac Friday, July 12, a grueling 289.4 nautical mile race from just off Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois to Mackinac Island, Michigan, we sat down with Beneteau owner Emmy Gallagher as she prepares to join her husband Matt and four other crew aboard their Beneteau 37, Endeavour, for the race.

Emmy has been sailing the waters around Chicago since she was a child. Later, after relocating to the Chesapeake Bay area, she became involved in racing. While Emmy wouldn't describe her husband Matt as an "outdoorsman type," his need for speed paired with her love of sailing was the perfect match to fuel the couple's passion for sailboat racing.

Since returning to Chicago and starting a family together (Charlie is age 5 1/2, and Maggie is age 3 1/2), the Gallagher's are familiar faces within the Chicago Yacht Club's racing community. Emmy explained, "We live near Wrigley Field where it's just a short five-minute car ride to the dock. The Wednesday night beer can races are great for our family, and the kids love it!"

This is Matt and Emmy's third entry into the Race To Mackinac. "We're racing with the same crew from last year. They're a great group of guys with a good blend of experience and strength," she said.

When asked why they train for the race, Emmy told us, "The Mack is awesome. We don't do it to win necessarily, but more to participate and have fun. We just want everyone to make it over the line safely."

Curious as to what led to the Gallagher's decision to purchase their Beneteau 37, Emmy recalled, "I've been on many types of boats through the years, and Matt did a lot of research. We considered the Beneteau 34, but the 37 is the perfect size for our family. It's manageable, easy to sail singlehanded and the two cabins work for us."

Matt and Emmy purchased Endeavour in 2008 from Karma Yacht Sales who was referred to them by friends in D.C. Since then, Jack and Lou have become personal friends. Emmy remarked, "We would definitely buy from Karma again. They really go the extra mile."

Before we wrapped up our conversation with Emmy, we asked what advice she would give to someone with an interest in racing, but unsure of how to get involved. Emmy responded, "The biggest hurdle is yourself. Pick up a six-pack and head to the dock on a Wednesday evening. You'll for sure be invited to help out, so just show up! The racing community is very welcoming."

A toast to you Endeavour Crew! Have a great time during the CYC Race to Mackinac.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BROKERAGE REPORT: May Brokerage Sales Highest in Five Years

May Brokerage Sales Highest in Five Years

By John Burnham | Yacht World

 U.S. brokers reporting in had a good month in May, selling more boats than in any single month since 2007. Sales had improved in March and April, compared to 2012, but in May they climbed significantly, with 3,730 boats reported. This was well above the five-year average for May, of 3,293 boats sold, and also more than 100 boats above 2012, when 3,589 were sold.

Sailboat sales continued relatively strong, with 607 boats sold, a 5 percent increase compared to May 2012. More importantly for the market as a whole, sales of powerboat also rose 4 percent, to 3,123 boats.
Better sales were reported among all sizes of boat 45 feet or shorter, with 1,691 closings for boats under 35 feet, a 4 percent gain. In the 36- to 45-foot range, sales were 3 percent higher, with 759 boats sold. The only size range to record lower sales was 46 to 55 feet, down 3 boats compared to May 212, with 178 boats sold.
Big-boat sales were also strong. Among superyachts (over 80 feet), 20 were sold, up 10 from the year before. And in the 56- to 79-foot size, 82 boats changed hands, up from 76.
The total value of boats sold in May rose by $98 million, mainly on the strength of superyacht sales (up $91 million). By contrast, boats 56 to 79 feet sold at a total price that was $6 million or 10 percent below the previous May. The market under 55 feet made up the difference, with a total value gain of $13 million.

Through the first five months of the year, overall sales were 1 percent lower than in 2012, with 12,659 boats sold. The total value of the boats sold was 15 percent higher, with $1.66 billion changing hands.

Karma Yacht Sales is a Full Service Dealer. Sales~Service~Brokerage.  As YBAA members we operate with the highest level of integrity in representing you on the buying AND Selling end of the transaction.  We represents ALL types of boats, not just Beneteau.  Contact Us to inquire about our Brokerage Services.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Beneteau FIRST 25S: When you just have to get out and SAIL!

Summer has finally arrived!  There is no problem getting a Slip in Chicago- you need an affordable boat.   Karma Yacht Sales has the answer:  The FIRST 25S!

We currently have Hull #640 available to see by appointment and  immediate delivery for this season.  

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Morgan Shoal: One of the South Lakefront's hidden Gems.

How many times have you sailed just off shore of the Morgan Shoal area and wondered what that protruding corner is about?  A potentially damaging venture for Sailboats- the shoal and the exposed boiler is from a shipwreck dating back to the early 1900s.  
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

It is never too soon to create your next memory on a sailboat!

It is never too late to create your next memory on a sailboat!
By Lou Sandoval
Photo Credit: Bill Springer- Bill Springer's Boat Blog
It might have been the rainstorm in the horizon or the intent stare and look of comfort on the face of the little baby in his father's arms- or perhaps the title was a grabber: "Sailing with a wickedly cute 6 month old baby in the BVI".  Regardless, It made me think back to when our two daughters were younger and their first time on the boat.  Four months for one and six-months for the other is when we captured their first few memories on our boat.    Mind you - our backdrop was the great skyline of the city of Chicago and not the always beautiful BVIs.  The impact is the same- get them started early
Numerous impact studies have shown that exposing your children to as many experiences early in their life improves their development and may provide a hobby or (gasp... ) a profession down the line.   You just never know.  The captivating part of these photos is that it took me back to our girls first experience on-the water.
We often hear from clients how their young families challenge them to balance it all.  My wife and I can relate: family, careers, school commitments, kid's activities.  It can be much.  What we have found is that in the end it comes down to making the family moments count.  My wife and I both lead brisk schedules that can consume us during the week.  We push back hard on outside commitments that pull us away from the quality time with the girls.  We've found that the boat becomes a bit of a safe haven for that.   Go down to the boat, turn the phones off- cast off the dock lines and away we go.
I fully recognize that our girls have the benefit of growing up in the sport, but I'm sensitive to the fact that is not the case for many children as boating still has many preconceptions to overcome.  Much maligned as strictly held for the 'wealthy'- boating serves the communal human nature that we all possess.   Think of it this way- why do people go 'away' on vacation?  Why do people purchase a summer cottage to get 'out of town'?   Both of these 'vehicles', the vacation and the cottage are ways to commune together.  Creating memories one adventure at a time.  Although the trip is not far... it serves to recharge you and at least spend some time catching up with those you love the most.   Experiences you will treasure for years to come. 
So next time I see someone wearing one of those hideous B.O.A.T shirts - It will bring a smile to my face because for me B.O.A.T means: "Bringing on another treasure".
Lou Sandoval is the co-Owner/Co-Founder of Karma Yacht Sales, LLC the Lake Michigan Sailboat dealer representing Beneteau.  He was first exposed to sailing through Scouting in Whitehall, MI at Owassippe Scout Reservation.  Many years later after a successful career in the medical/biopharmaceutical industry, he and his business partner founded Karma Yacht Sales and purchased the existing Beneteau dealership.  KYS has been serving Lake Michigan since 2002 and has been the recipient of numerous awards for customer service and sales.   Lou is married. He and his wife Sonia have two young daughters  and relish the opportunities to  share Chicago's best unhidden secret with them - our lakefront.

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